Cigna and Allianz Health Insurance

Cigna and Allianz Health Insurance

Cigna & Allianz are among the world’s biggest expatriate health insurance provider. With tens of years of expertise, Cigna & Allianz provides insurance cover to expatriate employees together with their families in Brunei and in various parts of the world.  Presently, they cover millions of individuals across the globe.

Expat understanding

Cigna & Allianz recognizes that expats need to feel safe and protected in terms of their health during their undertakings abroad. Expats need a reliable health insurance provider that offers excellent service and full coverage. It is for this reason that Cigna & Allianz  have decided to establish an unmatched network of the thousands hospitals. Additionally Cigna & Allianz International has a 24/7 helpline operated by highly experienced team comprising of personnel conversant with numerous languages.  There is a provision for direct bill settlement and claims are processed without delay; Cigna & Allianz processes more than 30,000 claims every week.

Cigna & Allianz understands that different expat employees have different needs and therefore offers customized products for different groups of expats.  Cigna & Allianz provides customized products to employees in the gas and oil industry for instance provides products covering both onshore and offshore employees and a maritime policy for crew workers living and working on oceangoing vessels, yachts or ships.

Medical expertise

Cigna & Allianz provides its customers exceptional medical expertise. Cigna & Allianz has a team of well trained and skilled doctors that are always ready to handle emergencies and have expertise in treating tropical infections and high altitude illnesses as well as providing evacuation and transportation assistance.  Our medical team is available 24/7 to ensure customers get proper medical care and treatment in a quick and convenient manner.

Adding Value

Cigna & Allianz offers customers very flexible insurance covers including primary care, home nursing, maternity, emergency and routine dentistry. Additionally, Cigna & Allianz International provides health check covers, hospital covers inclusive of treatment fees and accommodation fees, covers in the event of injuries sustained during sports as well as emergency road ambulance covers.  Moreover, Cigna & Allianz  has improved its chronic disease cover for diseases like asthma and diabetes such that after diagnosis this cover also takes care of treatment, consultation and medication.