Bupa Global

Bupa Global


Insurance40 Health Insurance is a subsidiary of Bupa International. As a principal supplier of Bupa Insurance in Brunei, Insurance40Health Insurance deals with individuals and companies around the world.

As one of the largest providers of wellbeing insurance in Brunei, Bupa renders reasonable options that open you up to a vast variety of components and benefits.

Not sure of the type of health insurance coverage you need? Take a look at our recommendations. You may check by the kinds of cover we offer or by the type of person you are. Regardless, you will surely find a suitable cover to meet your needs.

Our health insurance covers inpatient clinic-related medications, sorting out the extent of costs incurred by all hospitals throughout Brunei.

All our coverage levels, from Basic to Premium, will be accompanied with ample benefits. These include; crisis emergency vehicle, drug store, general dental, optical, physiotherapeutic, chiropractic, osteopathic, and regular treatments.

Bupa Medical Insurance Schemes:

  • Individuals
  • Family
  • Expats
  • Corporate plans

We direct and adapt the health insurance coverage to suit your needs, according to your location and your resources. We assist establishments in handling their HR risk profiles and cost improvement.

Bupa International is among the largest health insurance providers on the globe, with corporate presence and operations in more than 180 nations worldwide, and more than 850,000 affiliates around the world.

Bupa Insurance medical coverage transcends just health insurance; we are totally dedicated to highest quality healthcare, delivering extensive coverage to medical cures anywhere around the world. Bupa International Health Insurance possesses an unconventional research and medical facility.

Medical Insurance With Us

Insurance40 assists you in finding a worldwide medical insurance for the internationally minded. Our top-notch client service incorporates a distinguished plane of service obtainable in several languages, as well as access to thousands of medical facilities and professionals globally.

This puts our clients ahead and on top in the perspective of the present-day computer age. As a service company, all that we do for our clients depends on our staff and partners, therefore remaining a place where people enjoy working is crucial to our success. In addition to controlled risk and resource management, this is how we will produce a solid and viable performance.