Premium Health Insurance

Allmedical-Insurance (formally insurance40) offers premium health insurance in Brunei. Our health insurance features premium benefits that will cover you for an vast array treatments. We partner with the top health insurers in the world and will work with you from enquiry to claims, to ensure you get the service you are looking for and at the price you want.

If you are an individual who travels frequently, our health insurance plans are most perfect for you. Even if you are not one as mentioned, you may still want to consider us as our plans could enforce your goals of attaining a healthy, happier life. As mentioned before, our plans features comprehensive benefits – you will get coverage for your not only your hospitalization or treatment for your cancel, but you will get coverage for your medicines and other areas such as family doctor or outpatient consultations, pregnancy, dental, vision, chronic conditions and health screening.

Health Insurance Quote

We also cater well for companies and depending on your industry, we have special rates for you. Also, we work with almost 10 insurers, this enables us to tailor the perfect plan for you. Give us a try to satisfy your needs today. Request for a quote now!